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Dear Dr. Ajay

Thank you.

Let me tell you that I really like the way you work. Really professional with no goof ups on dates, candidates not arriving well organized CVs reaching me on time, etc. That's probably why you have seen such quick reverts on things :-)

Sharat Dhall
(Business head for project Shakti)
Dear Dr.Ajay,

Thank you for the mail. I was impressed with the arrangements and execution of the plan. I thank you and your team of girls for all the hard work.

We will keep in touch.

Kind regards
(Business Manager, Rallis India, after they participated in our bulk recruitment fair in which Rallis hired 18 executives over two days)
Dear Mr. Gupta

I think there has been a tremendous response for the job, we received more than 32 applicants.

Thanks again for the support,


Mini Bhaskar
Save The Chidren

Dear Mr Gupta,

I am thankful to you for your services. I got a job opportunity with the help of ruralnaukri. Many of my friends are availing your services due to me.

z With Regards

Ajay Singh, Mumbai
Respected sir,

Your site ruralnuakri.com is the best site for the people involved in the betterment of rural areas. It is better than any other website like naukri.com or monster jobs .com

S Gopalkrishan, Jamnagar
Hello Mr. Ajay Gupta,

I was delighted on receiving your mail. It is worthwhile to give a personal touch to each member. One can expect this type of treatment from a professionally managed organisation. Now I feel more than happy to be the member of this organisation. I always feel that my satisfaction lies in the areas of working with people in distress and to achieve this I always try to apply in an NGO but due to different stream I always find difficulty in meeting eligibility conditions but now I can say that I have found a place where I can at least hope to get a chance to fulfill my desire.

Again thank you so very much for writing to me.


Vijay Kumar Jamwal , New Delhi

Very Informative and Innovative Site.

Dr. Meena Galliara, NMIMS, Mumbai

Dear Ajay,

Thank you for the invitation. In fact I would like to thank ruralnaukri for assisting me in getting a job with Oxfam, though contractual, it will be a breakthrough in my career.

Thanking you,


Dear Mr. Ajay,

I am now working with Sa-Dhan, an association of Community Development Finance institutions in India. I came to know about Sa-Dhan through mails from ruralnaukri.com. I am highly indebted to ruralnaukri.com for this.
I would also like to convey my special thanks to you with special mention of the discussion between us on 28th December 2004 at 2200 Hrs. It was a discussion which kept my hope alive and despite of such a long time in getting a job as per my area of interest, I was able to keep my calm. Before this I did a small research project with the Department of Social Work till I joined Sa-Dhan on 18th May. In the end, I am happy to share my joys with you on being in this sector.

With Kind Regards,

Resume Services

Dear Sir,

I have never had such a good resume. I could not imagine that this is mine.

Aditi, Coimbatore

Participant in our Training Programmes
Thank you Ajay for that swift and unexpected mail. So that is efficiency! I have immensely benefited from 'your' training. Seems we were together for days .... Yeah.... Reminds me of unleashing my left brain, too. Daring to fail. Wow! That was indeed, good.

I have attended many a personality devt course and read a couple  of books on these  lines but this time was different. Taking responsibility for one's situation under all circumstances was the best. Making The first impression was really good. We hear and read a lot about personality but the way you facilitated it was very practical. From your heart and own experience kind.

Time management - a third of one's time to urgent and important tasks and three quaters to important but not urgent one's.

I have to work at goal setting. Break up of objectives based on years. This is rather difficult.

James Pochury

Training Programme

Dear Mr. Gupta,

We feel that the USAID 2005 Mission Retreat was successful. You and the Franklin Covey team were an important part of this success, and we appreciate the seriousness with which you approached this project. Our staff was pleased with the activities.

Thank you for the wallet cards. The name cards were very nicely done, and also much appreciated.

Thanks also to Mr. Raheja for helping us manage our audio visual equipment throughout the day.


Christian Hougen
Deputy for Program Operations
Office of Program Support


Dear Ajay,

On behalf of everyone at IRMA, I congratulate you & your entire team for getting the 'golden web award'. I am sure that you all will establish benchmarks which will inspire all others in the industry to emulate.

At the outset, please accept my heartiest Congratulations at your efforts of creating ruralnaukri.com

Hitesh Bhatt
Placement Coordinator, IRMA, Anand


ruralnaukri has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award. If this section has been checked, you will find the address below where you may pick up your award.


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